Best Souvenirs from Lisbon

Best Souvenirs from Lisbon

Lisbon is famous for numerous products that make great souvenirs and presents, including beautiful ceramics, embroidery and exquisite cheese and wine. We highly recommend getting any hand-made product during your stay in Lisbon.

Pottery and tiles

Lisbon is especially well-known for its typically tiled houses. Many people come to Portugal’s capital in search of beautifully painted geometric-patterned tiles to take home with them to decorate their house. You’ll find specialized stores with tiles, some even have painted certain of Lisbon’s landscapes. Lisbon is also famous for its hand-made pottery.


Lisbon is also famous for its hand-made embroidered bedclothes like quilts and sheets, as well as table-cloths and other goods.


There are several types of typical cheese from Lisbon. Some very tasty examples include the Serra de Estrela, the Castelo Branco and the Rabacal. Prices are not very high and they are very good quality.


Port and Madeira wines are famous throughout the world. There are also other interesting and cheaper varieties, like the vinhos verdes (green wines).


Portugal is especially famous for its delicious pastries. A great souvenir to bring home are the authentic Pastéis de Belém.   

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