Rossio Square in Lisbon

Rossio Square in Lisbon

Praça do Rossio is Lisbon's most lively area, whose surroundings overflow with bars and restaurants: a habitual meeting spot for both Lisbonites and visitors to the city.

Rossio Square or Praça do Rossio, officially called Praça de D. Pedro IV, is Lisbon’s nerve centre. The square is situated in the city’s Baixa neighbourhood, on the northern end of Rua Augusta, very close to Restauradores Square.

Praça do Rossio is the liveliest area in the capital of Portugal and where many locals and tourists meet up. The square and its surrounding streets are packed with some of the city’s most famous restaurants, bars and shops.

In our opinion, Rossio Square and its neighbouring streets are the best area in Lisbon to find accommodation.

What to See in Rossio Square

The square houses various monuments and landmarks:

Column of Pedro IV

In the center of Rossio Square sits the Column of Pedro IV of Portugal, known as “the Soldier King”. At the base of the pillar are four female figures that represent the King’s various qualities: Justice, Wisdom, Strength, and Moderation.

D. Maria II National Theatre

The National Theatre D. Maria II was founded in 1842. It replaced the old Estaus Palace, the headquarters of the Portuguese Inquisition since the mid-fifteenth century. On top of the Theatre’s façade is a statue of Gil Vicente, a Portuguese playwright, and father of the country’s theatre.

Rossio Railway Station

On the left-hand side of the National Theatre is the Rossio Railway Station, built in 1887. Its façade is striking with an unusual entrance. The trains to Sintra depart from this train station.

Café Nicola

Café Nicola has become one of the most famous coffee shops in Lisbon. It has a beautiful art deco façade and was opened over 200 years ago.