Information about Lisbon

Information about Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital and the most influential city in Portugal. It lies on the Atlantic Ocean and River Tagus. Its privileged location made it an important city, controlling as it does a great part of the Atlantic.

In this article, we’ll try to answer certain basic questions that arise when planning a trip to Lisbon:

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Lisbon Facts & Figures

Lisbon has a population of over 500,000, and its metropolitan area has around 2.8 million people.

Current Local Time

The timezone in Lisbon is Western European Time and Western European Summer Time. It is 5 hours ahead of New York, 8 hours ahead of San Francisco and the same time as London.

Electricity and Plugs

The power sockets in Portugal are type F and the standard voltage is 230 V. If you are travelling from the UK and want to use your appliances, you will need to buy an adaptor. The same applies for the United States.


Just as in the rest of Europe, if you are an EU citizen and would like free healthcare in Lisbon you will need the European Health Insurance Card. If you are from the UK you can apply by clicking on this link.

Important telephone numbers

  • Emergency number: 112
  • Portugal country code: 351
  • Lisbon area code: 21
  • Information: 118