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Commerce Square in Lisbon

Praça do Comércio, Commerce Square in English, is Lisbon’s main square. It was built on the site where the old Royal Palace used to exist before it was destroyed by the earthquake of 1755.

Praça do Comércio
Praça do Comércio

Triumphal arch in Rua Augusta
Triumphal arch in Rua Augusta

The southern end of the plaza is open and looks out onto the Tagus River. The other three sides have yellow-colored buildings with arcades all along the façade. When the square was first built, the commercial ships would unload their goods directly onto this square, as it was considered the “door” to Lisbon.

On the river bank, near the square, is the Cais de Sodré ferry terminal from which several ferries depart down the Tagus River.

Things to do

Commerce Square houses two things to see: 

Rua Augusta Arch

Located on the north side of Commerce Square is the Rua Augusta Arch that gives way to the boulevard Rua Augusta, the most prominent boulevard in Baixa.

This triumphal arch was designed by the Portuguese architect Santos de Carvalho to celebrate the reconstruction of Lisbon after the 1755 earthquake. It was completed in 1873. On top of its several pillars, it is adorned with numerous statues that represent important Portuguese figures like Vasco da Gama and the Marquis of Pombal.

Equestrian Statue of Joseph I

The equestrian statue of Joseph I of Portugal (1750 – 1777) was designed by Machado de Castro in 1775 in bronze. Joseph I was King of the country during the Great earthquake.


Praça do Comércio, Lisbon’s historical centre.


Metro: Terreiro do Paço‎, blue line; Baixa / Chiado‎, Green and blue lines.


Commerce Square in Lisbon, location map

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