Lisbon Buses

Lisbon Buses

Lisbon buses are a less used option than the metro by tourists, but they are essential for certain routes in Lisbon.

Lisbon has a fleet of 758 buses and 88 different routes, 11 of which are night buses. The most important lines for your trip will be:

  • Number 91 (Aerobus): It is the fastest line to get to the Lisbon Airport. It makes only ten stops between Praça do Comércio and the airport.
  • Buses nº 5, 22, 44, 45 and 83: These bus lines will also take you to the Airport from different points in Lisbon. These urban buses stop regularly, so take longer to get to their final destination.
  • Buses nº 5, 25, 28, 44, 708, 750, 759, 782 and 794: All these lines go to Park of the Nations and stop at Lisbon’s most important railway station: Oriente Station. You can take any of these buses to Lisbon’s most modern area if you don’t like taking the subway.
  • Buses nº 28, 714, 727, 729 and 751: These lines take you to Belém if you don’t want to take the tram. In our opinion, the tram is the best option.

Operating hours

The buses in Lisbon don’t all follow the same timetable or have the same operating hours, it depends entirely on the bus line. However, most buses run from 6 am until 9 pm. The most popular lines run until midnight.

Night buses

There are two types of night buses in Lisbon: Rede da Madrugada (lines 201-210) and Night Bus (lines 1 and 2). The former operate every day during the intervals when the daytime lines rest, while the latter operate only on weekends and the eve of public holidays. The latter are completely free of charge.

Map of the bus routes

In the following link, you’ll be able to check out the various bus lines and routes, as well as other public transport lines.

If you want to check out the night bus routes, click here.