Lisbon's Public Holidays

Which are the main public holidays in Lisbon and Portugal? When is the national holiday? Do they celebrate Christmas?

If you are plan on travelling to Portugal, we recommend you check out the country’s bank holidays before you get there, so that you can plan your stay accordingly and check if the landmarks and museums are open, as well as enjoying the various holidays.

Public Holidays

  • New Year’s: 1 January.
  • Freedom Day (Dia de la Liberdade): 25 April. Celebrates the Carnation Revolution (Revolução dos Cravos), a military coup on 25 April 1974, which provoked the fall of the Salazar dictatorship (which had been in effect since 1926).
  • Labour Day (Dia do Trabalhador): 1 May.
  • Portugal Day: 10 June. It commemorates the National Day (Dia de Portugal, de Camões e das Comunidades Portuguesas) and Corpus Christi (Corpo de Deus).
  • Saint Anthony’s Day (Dia de Santo António): 13 June. In Portugal, it’s a tradition to ask San António for a boyfriend or a girlfriend if you are single. If you are not, you may also ask him to bless your marriage.
  • Assumption Day: 15 August.
  • Republic Day (Implantação da República): 5 October. Commemorates the fall of the Monarchy and the beginning of the Republic in 1910.
  • All Saint’s Day (Todos os Santos): 1 November.
  • Restoration of Independence Day (Restauração da Independência): 1 December. Celebrates the restoration of Portuguese Independence from Spain in 1640.
  • Immaculate Conception (Imaculada Conceição): 8 December.
  • Christmas: 25 December.