Lisbon Airport Information

Lisbon Airport Information

Lisbon's airport is the most important airport in Portugal. It's the main hub for the Portuguese flag carrier, national airline TAP Portugal, and every year 25 million passengers pass through its halls.

Lisbon Portela Airport, also known as Lisbon Airport (LIS), is the largest airport in Portugal and is one of the busiest in Europe.

How to get to the city center from the Airport?

These are the various ways to get from the Airport to the city center:

  • Aerobús: The Aerobús is a shuttle service that links Lisbon Airport to the city center. It consists of two routes, one runs through the city center (final stop: Cais do Sodré) and the other runs through the city’s financial district (final stop: Av. José Malhoa). The bus that connects the Airport to the center, departs every 20 minutes from 7:30 am – 9 pm. A one-way ticket costs 4 (US$ 4.10) ( 2 (US$ 2.10) for children between 4 and 10) and 6 (US$ 6.20) return ( 3 (US$ 3.10) for children).  After validation on the bus, the ticket can be used for 24 hours. Tickets can be bought, often with discounts, on the Aerobus website.
  • Metro: Fast and inexpensive. The Metro’s recent enlargement links the Airport with the heart of Lisbon. A single ticket costs 1.45 (US$ 1.50). You would need to buy the Viva Viagem or 7 Colinas card, and recharge it with the value you want.
  • Local buses: The transport company Carris offers 5 bus routes between Lisbon Airport and the centre. A one-way ticket costs 1.85 (US$ 1.90). With a Viva Viagem or 7 Colinas card loaded, the ticket is cheaper, and costs  1.45 (US$ 1.50).
  • Taxi: A taxi is a comfortable and relatively cheap way of getting from the Airport to your hotel. It normally costs around 20 (US$ 20.50) to get to the city centre. You can purchase a pre-paid ticket in the taxi rank, that way you will know the price before getting in the taxi and avoid possible surprises.
  • Airport Transfer Service: This is the most expensive option, but also the most comfortable and hassle-free. A chauffeur will pick you up from your Terminal with a sign with your name on it. Book directly on

Useful tip

The cheapest way to get to the centre is by purchasing a 7 Colinas Card as soon as you land. You can buy it in the newspaper stand on the second floor. You can purchase this card for 0.50 (US$ 0.50) from the ticket machines in the various metro stations, including in the airport metro station.

Charge the card with a 1 day ticket (valid for 24 hours). You can choose what type of transport you want, or can charge it with a travel pass for a whole day which costs 6.30 (US$ 6.50) and is valid for the metro and rail network.