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Are you planning a trip to Lisbon? If so, you probably have lots of last minute doubts. Our travel guide will give you all the information you need to plan your trip to Lisbon.

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Why visit Lisbon?

Lisbon, Cristo Rei Statue and Ponte 25 de Abril
Lisbon, Cristo Rei Statue and Ponte 25 de Abril
Lisbon view from Bairro Alto
Lisbon view from Bairro Alto

For its history, for its trams, for its monuments, for its bridges, or just to see the world… There are lots of reasons to visit Lisbon and even more to want to go back again.

Lisbon is one of the most popular cities for European visitors. Thanks to its proximity and its great prices, making a trip there is a must for all the people who want to visit one of the most interesting countries in Europe.

Tourism in Lisbon is at the reach of everyone’s pockets, and it's now possible to find flights from €15 and hotels from €30.

Where do I begin?

If you don’t know anything about Lisbon, we recommend that you start reading a bit about its history, its Lisbon neighborhoods and its most important attractions. If it’s a short trip, don’t miss Two days in Lisbon.

Still don’t have a hotel?

Reserve one as soon as possible and you can get great discounts of up to 75%. Your reservation is completely safe and your payment will be made directly to your hotel.

What’s different about our Lisbon guide? is written in a natural style, by travellers for travellers. With our guide you can find out, not just about what to visit, but also how to save money, or where fados come from.

All of our information and practical travel advice has been updated as of January 2013. If you see an error or anything that we should change, don’t hesitate to contact us.