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Lisbon Shopping Guide

Lisbon’s most typical products includes its pottery, embroidery, cheese and wine. The products that comes most recommended are those which have been handcrafted.

Pottery and tiles

Pottery shop in Lisbon
Pottery shop

If you think about the number of tiled houses in Lisbon, what could be more typical than the local pottery and the tiles?

You’ll find souvenir tiles painted with really attractive images of Lisbon.


Other typical Lisbon produce are the hand-embroidered clothes. You can find table-cloths, sheets, quilts, and many other furnishings in Lisbon’s shops.


Lisbon is the production site of several cheeses. Some examples include the Serra de Estrela, the Castelo Branco and the Rabacal. As you would expect, their prices vary according their quality.


The Port and Madeira wines are famous throughout the world. There are also other, more normal varieties, such as the vinhos verdes (green wines).


Lisbon has great patisseries, the proof of which can be found in the famous Belém Pastries.