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Lisbon Metro

The Lisbon metro is the fastest option for travelling long distances. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and clean metros in Europe; some travellers compare it with the Paris metro.

Metro Entrance in Marques de Pombal
Metro Entrance in Marques de Pombal
Lisbon metro map
Lisbon metro map

The metro opened in 1959, and its route travelled from Sete Rios to Entrecampos. Its most important expansion came about after 1988, when the company was nationalized.

Currently the Lisbon metro has 44 stations and four lines.

  • Blue (Gaivota / Seagull): Amadora este - BaixaChiado.
  • Yellow (Girasol / Sunflower): Odivelas - Rato.
  • Green (Caravela / Caravelle): Cais do Sodré - Telheiras.
  • Red (Oriente / Orient ): Alameda - Oriente.

Operating times

The Lisbon metro operates from 6:30am to 1am. Some station entrances close earlier.

Is the metro useful?

The Lisbon metro has two drawbacks: The first is the scarce possibility to change lines, as there are very few intersections between different lines. The second is that it doesn’t go to all of the points of interest in the city, or to important neighborhoods such as Alfama or Belém.

Because of these two problems, on many occasions it’s necessary, or more convenient, to use the tram and other methods of transport.