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Lisbon Transportation

The public transportation system in Lisbon works quite well and is generally timely, although the various types of transport don’t run very frequently.

The main means of public transport are:

Carris transport network

  • Tranvías en Lisboa In our opinion trams are the most comfortable and easiest way to get around Lisbon. They are also a great tourist attraction and a good way of discovering the city.
  • Autobuses en Lisboa Lisbon’s local buses are sometimes essential as the bus network is extensive and gets to the city’s suburbs and Airport.
  • Elevadores de Lisboa The various lifts in Lisbon are basically funiculars that help locals and tourist climb the steep and never-ending slopes that are so characteristic of Lisbon. They are similar to the trams.
  • Elevador de Santa Justa A useful means of transport as well as a fun tourist attraction, the Santa Justa Lift links lower and upper Lisbon.

“Metropolitano de Lisboa”

  • Metro de Lisboa The Metro in Lisbon is one of the nicest and well-kept in Europe. It’s a great way to get from the nearby neighborhoods to the city center.

Prices, rates and discounts

If you purchase a single ticket, it can be more expensive than other European capital cities (1.80€ per journey). However, the travel cards and passes are extremely cheap.

  • Tarjeta 7 Colinas / Viva Viagem These two magnetic cards are for less frequent customers and can be topped up when needed. It gives you the best discounts to Lisbon’s transport.  
  • Lisboa Card The Lisboa Card gives customers unlimited access to the city’s public transport. It also includes free access to 26 museums and attractions.